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Corporate Relations & Membership Committee

What do we do?

Having merged both the Membership and Corporate Relations Committee for the first time, we have been able to come up with great ideas.With each position and each committee comes the responsibility of building the best experience that you yourself want to see from a club you are involved in. On the membership side, we are responsible for being the bridge between the members and the board in the sense that we receive information that is to be communicated to the members in a timely manner. On the corporate relations side, we are responsible for communication with recruiters and professionals to plan workshops and events in a professional manner. This committee is designed to engage members in communication with professionals and members.

Current Projects!

To start off, we are giving our committee members the tools to learn how to look for internship and/or job opportunities. This helps them feel more confident when they are looking for opportunities themselves as well as searching for other concentrations that LBSA members are pursuing. Next, we also have email workshops! In both of our roles we have to send out emails to professionals as well as our members and there is certain etiquette to use when addressing either or. To follow that up, for the email newsletters, we also teach our committee members how to use Mailchimp to create an eye catching and lively newsletter that encompasses LBSA’s mission.

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