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4 Tips for Self Improvement

Self-improvement often leads to what we consider a “better me” or a “new me” and something that we do as human beings is think negatively about our old selves. In reality who we were in the past was at one point the “better me”, it's important to take some time to reflect on past habits and appreciate individual growth. I have learned to appreciate the circumstances and obstacles I have overcome throughout my life. Remember this is YOUR life , YOUR story and YOUR journey so make the most out of it. These are a few things that I implement in my daily life to improve my mindset:

1. Listening to podcasts

From my personal journey podcast have taught me so much about myself and how to implement small adjustments in my life to improve my overall well being. I enjoy listening to podcasts early in the morning while I get ready, when I’m doing household chores or while I'm commuting. I typically just select one show and listen to one episode at a time because if not my attention will stray away from the message being presented. Listening to podcasts help set the tone for my day while making me feel more motivated to accomplish my daily schedule. Some of the shows I enjoy are “Manifestation Babe”, “Anything but average”, “The Mindset Mentor”, “Stock Trading University” and “Straight, No Chaser!”. I highly recommend finding topics you are interested in because it makes the show engaging and entertaining.

2. Manifesting

Manifesting is believing and creating what you want in YOUR life. A person can manifest anything they desire. This can range from income, car, house, significant other, and mental growth. Anything you desire, you can have and always remember nothing is impossible. The only thing separating you from your dreams is your mindset. Being able to manifest and make your dreams come to life can ensure that your hard work, dedication and change in habits are creating an improved you!

3. Adjusting words in your vocabulary

Sometimes we don’t realize the words that we use in our daily lives can attract negative energy. I am guilty of this and have recently realized that oftentimes when I’m talking about mistakes I have made I refer to myself in negative terms. I decided that in order to filter out this negativity I need to be kind and simply change the words I am using to describe the situation. Let’s say I am talking to you about an exam. I would usually say something along the lines of “I’m so dumb because I didn’t do well on an exam.” instead of down playing myself I am practicing on identifying the problem and addressing it in the future. It would sound something like, “ I didn’t do well on an exam because I did not take the time to watch the review video and next time I know how to prepare for it.” Believe it or not this minor change in the way you speak about yourself will help boost your confidence and attract positivity into your life.

4.Treat yourself/ self care

Lastly, do not forget to take care of yourself! Your body, mind and soul deserve to be treated like your most valuable asset because it is! Implementing self care in your daily life is a reminder to yourself that your needs are just as important. A few things I enjoy doing for myself is journaling, getting my nails done, decluttering (social media, pictures, computer files, closet, makeup, etc.), breathing exercises, and setting a bedtime. These are small things that work for me which help me feel better about myself in the longer run.

There are many ways to improve yourself and these are a few things that work for me! Let me know if you find any of these tips helpful or enjoyable! Also feel free to reach out to me if you want to have a conversation! I love to talk and have so much to say!

Until next time,

Yvette Valdez-Beas

(Senior Vice President)

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