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This familia is forever! 
Once you graduate at San Jose State, that does not mean your time with LBSA is gone forever. The LBSA familia prides itself with staying in contact with our alumni by inviting them to professional panels, reunions and having their support 100% of the time. 

LBSA Alumni Speaker Series Spring 2023

VP of Community Relations 

We have an exciting new position here that helps keep y'all connected to the club. The Vice President of Community Relations is your go-to contact to stay in the know of what is happening in LBSA. Whether you'd like to come to events, host them, or just see what is happening you can contact this board member and reach out!



We have a monthly recap of what is happening here on campus. This includes workshops and events that have been hosted and will be hosted in the future, as well as opportunities for y'all to stay connected!

Press the button below to be in the LBSA Alumni Social!

LBSA Extended Familia Program 

Extended Familia is our mentoring program. This program offers a one of a kind opportunity to our bright and motivated LBSA members who seek career guidance in relevant areas and fields of interest. Our mentors will have the opportunity to put into practice their leadership and communication. Mentoring is such an amazing way to form a professional and personal relationship with an individual you can trust. This program is designed to support our 11 mentors and mentees in professional development and accelerating their careers.



Mentor & Mentee Spooky Social: mentors and mentees had the opportunity to network, socialize and get in the Halloween spirit by dressing up and participating in Halloween Trivia.

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