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History of LBSA

Our founder Jessica Boda

When LBSA was first founded in 2005, it was originally meant for Latino students with Accounting and Finance majors. The semester after LBSA was started, the club transitioned to serve all Latino Business students. Our founder, Jessica Boda with the help of another student Mercedes Canham started LBSA because there was the need for Latino students to have a strong support system to help them succeed in their career journey.


Jessica wanted to start a  "Latino" focused club because a lot of Latino students were fist generation college students and didn’t know how to navigate searching for internships and ultimately landing a job after graduation. When LBSA was first started, the vision for this club was ​o help Latino students get internships and jobs after graduation; to feel connected and supported by other Latinos that were going thought the same journey. In the beginning LBSA was highly focused on career development events (office tours, panels, professional networking events); we had some social events as well to get to know each other but most of the interest was drawn from the career focus events.

Thankfully 15 years later, LBSA has been able to keep the vision alive with now more than 90 members each semester! We would not be where we are now without the endless support of our alumni, members advisors and our board. We continue to strive to improve and help students find the best versions of themselves.

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